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Andrea Edstrom is a Senior Web Developer and Designer at Minnesota Public Radio. She’s interested in animations, interactives and visualizations. She enjoys designing, illustrating, painting and using her creatives skills to do unique projects such as live sketching for the Terrible Thanks for Asking podcast. Here are few other projects she has enjoyed working on in the past year.

She enjoys mixing her creative and technical skills. Andrea likes to learn and try different JavaScript Frameworks and help others learn. Currently she is learning Vue and is hoping to animate her artwork using Greensock.

Recent Projects

Children's Respiratory & Critical Care Specialists, P.A.

Fall & Winter 2018

Oraganized checkins, milestones and set the launch date. Created two week sprints and documented development tasks in Trello. Conducted UX research, created sitemap, personas, user journeys, wireframes. Designed and coded Wordpress theme.

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Peterson Dental Associates, P.A.

Summer 2018

Completed stakeholder interviews, gathered data, and did a competitive analysis to inform redesign. Created a new design and coded Wordpress theme.

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"Shazam!! You're fast! OOHH, pretty!"

Jayna L. – Digital Marketing QA/Copywriter

“You're the bomb.com”

Caitlin W. - Digital Marketing Program Manager

“Wow, thanks for getting back to me so quickly even though you're busy”

Brad B. - Business Analyst

“WOW that is amazing”

Jean M. - Art Coordinator

"I can't thank you enough for the incredible job that you did"

Deb B. - Community Services Director

"Looks outstanding, exactly what I envisioned."

Tim M. - Director of Communications

Linda L. - Administrative Director